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Instead of worrying about the specific modalities, which are nothing more that someone’s proprietary description of some combination of permitted treatment techniques, we defined coverage broadly based on the nature of the treatment.  

You don’t have to look for a name for a technique to know you are covered.  For example, Yoga involves a practitioner guiding people through movements and hold positions.  So does Pilates.  Our policy doesn’t say Yoga or Pilates, it just says Movement Therapy, defined as guiding Clients through a system of movements and hold positions.

That way, everything is covered without having to identify the label someone has put on it.

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The American Massage Council (AMC) is one of the most established programs in massage. Founded in 1986 to fight spiraling malpractice insurance costs. The company was initially founded as a California only program and was expanded nationally in the early 90’s. Over the last three decades AMC has consistently provided the most affordable and reliable package of coverage in the country.


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Massage Therapy and Fibromyalgia

Massage Therapy and Fibromyalgia

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Massage Therapy Increases Happy Chemicals

Massage Therapy Increases Happy Chemicals

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AMC also has an extensive network of defense attorneys and defense experts nationwide.  The panel of defense attorneys and defense experts have been thoroughly vetted by AMC’s team and were selected based on rigorous selection criteria including the demonstration of superior knowledge and experience in their respective specialties and consistent delivery of superior outcomes.  


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When it comes to your insurance coverage we do not make the assumption that you need all the coverages offered by other organizations. Through our application process, we let you choose what you need rather than charging for what you may not want


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Our insurance carrier covers a wide range of allied healthcare professions. These professions include: Personal Trainers, Skin Care Professionals, and Nutritional Specialists. Please contact us if you have an additional profession you are seeking coverage.


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The professional liability coverage limits are $1,000,000 per claim, $3,000,000 aggregate. Modalities covered include; massage, energy, movement, and spa therapies. The policy is valid from the time of inception until it renews after one policy year.

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AMC distinguishes ourselves from other massage programs by employing attorneys who not only have legal defense backgrounds, but also attorneys who have expertise in massage modalities to handle claims from the inception.    

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The application process is very important to AMC. In order to maintain the best rate possible we ask a few questions that help us to best determine the risk. These few questions can end up saving you money and time spent on an unfounded claim.

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