7 Important Features To a Successful Massage Therapy Website

7 Important Features To a Successful Massage Therapy Website Thumbnail

Whether you are new to massage therapy or have been a massage therapist for decades, a great website should be at the top of your list for marketing your business.

Here are 7 important features of a successful massage therapy website.

1. Your call to action or ‘Schedule Now’ must be completely obvious to new massage therapy clients.

2. Your website navigation or ‘menu’ should be simple and well organized, as not to distract from your call to action.

3. Web design/layout is the first impression you make on new massage therapy clients to keep them on your page. A good layout will also encourage them to view more pages on your site.

4. The Home Page or Landing Page, (depending on the layout of your site) is the most important part of the whole site because it is the first page your new massage therapy clients will view.

Your website homepage is to direct your new massage therapy clients to the area of your website that has the answers to their questions.

5. The ‘About’ page is one of the most visited pages on websites.
It is where your new massage therapy clients learn more about you and what you do.

6. It is important to remember massage therapy clients buy services and products because they want to solve a problem or meet a need. Your Service/Product offerings have to deliver solutions and satisfy clients’ needs.

7. The ‘Blog’ page is where you will share articles, videos, information, and resources that will help your massage therapy clients to succeed. Publishing a regular blog or video content is also a great way to improve your search engine optimization (SEO).

Of course, having comprehensive liability insurance for massage therapy also guarantees a level of confidence and is a best business practice. The American Massage Council (AMC) offers the most affordable and reliable professional liability insurance for massage therapy coverage and more.

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