Liability Insurance: 5 Benefits of Massage After Pregnancy

Liability Insurance: 5 Benefits of Massage After Pregnancy

Massage therapy offers numerous benefits, especially to brand new mommies.

Massage helps to increase circulation and digestion, relax the muscles, provide pain relief and so much more!

Here are 5 benefits of massage for new mothers:

1. A relaxing massage can help to relieve the muscular pains experienced by the new mother.

2. A new mother needs a lot of physical and emotional support and a postnatal massage is very helpful in providing this and more.

3. Massage gives an overall sense of well being and relaxation, increases energy and facilitates much needed better sleep.

4. Massage makes the new mother’s body release a hormone called oxytocin which helps to release more milk from her breasts.

5. Regular massage helps to tone the body and to shed the excess weight.

As a massage therapist, you need liability insurance for massage therapy that protects you and your practice, and covers everything you do!

The American Massage Council (AMC) offers the most affordable and reliable professional liability insurance for massage therapy coverage that checks all of your desired boxes.

Having professional liability insurance for massage therapy with AMC will offer peace of mind that you will be protected in your day-to-day massage practice so you can do what you love, helping others.

At the American Massage Council, we believe the more we help you, the more you will help others.


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