Massage Therapist Liability Insurance Quote

Looking Massage Therapist Liability Insurance Quotefor a trusted company that provides massage therapist liability insurance quote?

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American Massage Council (AMC) is a trusted massage therapist liability insurance company that offers an extensive level of protection from malpractice lawsuits, allowing professional massage therapists to perform their services with peace of mind.

For over three decades in the massage therapist malpractice insurance programs, American Massage Council has consistently providing the most affordable and reliable package of coverage in the country.

American Massage Council prides themselves in offering affordable options to massage therapists at moderate rates that are guaranteed to be reliable when they need them the most.

Check out American Massage Council’s Liability Insurance today.

Massage Therapist Liability Insurance Quote

American Massage Council’s insurance programs that offer a superior coverage that guaranteed long term solid protection.

  • Occurrence Type Coverage
  • Professional Liability
  • Premises Liability Coverage (Slip and Fall)
  • Defense Outside Limits of Liability
  • Also Included in the Limits of Liability, Products Liability and Good Samaritan Liability

Optional Coverage

  • Additional Insured
  • Premises Liability (PL)
  • Business Personal Property

If you are a massage therapist or a massage business owner, who is currently operating without massage therapist liability insurance protection, now is the right time to subscribe to American Massage Council’s liability insurance program.

For inquiries on how to apply for coverage, click here.

American Massage Council’s office is located at 1100 W. Town & Country Road, Suite 1400, Orange, CA 92868.

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Massage Therapist Liability Insurance Quote

American Massage Council Head Office
1100 W. Town & Country Road, Suite 1400,
Orange, CA 92868, United States
Phone: (800) 500-3930
Fax: (714) 571-1863

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