The professional liability coverage limits are $2,000,000 per claim, $6,000,000 aggregate ($1million/$3million also available). Modalities covered include; massage, energy, movement, and spa therapies. The policy is valid from the time of inception until it renews after one policy year.

Some massage modalities are considered a higher risk than others. Hot Stone is an example of one of these increased risks. Our underwriters require a hot stone addendum to better assess this risk. If approved for coverage, there is no charge, and you will need to use our hot stone informed consent form.

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The American Massage Council's Massage Therapy Liability Insurance - the Obvious Choice!


Occurrence Type Coverage

        Professional Liability          

$2 Million per Occurrence

$6 Million Aggregate

Premises Liability Coverage (Slip and Fall)

$2 Million per Occurrence

$6 Million Aggregate

Defense Outside Limits of Liability

Also Included in the Limits of Liability

Products Liability

Good Samaritan Liability

Personal and Advertising Injury Liability

American Massage Council

The application process is very important to AMC. In order to maintain the best rate possible we ask a few questions that help us to best determine the risk. These few questions can end up saving you money and time spent on an unfounded claim.

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